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Will Nicholls Wildlife Photographer

My name is Will Nicholls and I am a film-maker and professional wildlife photographer from Northumberland, England. I studied at the University of Exeter, graduating with BSc Zoology in 2017.
My interest in photography first began in 2007 when I moved from the city to the countryside. With so much wildlife on my doorstep I was definitely in my element! I love to work both in the UK and abroad, with my favourite environment being the rainforest - the sounds are just incredible.
I have spent a lot of time working with red squirrels, both photographically and in conservation. I am a supporter of Red Squirrels Northern England who are doing great work to bring back this treasured mammal.
I am the founder of popular nature photography website Nature TTL. Launched on 1st June 2014, it works to provide photographers with free tutorials and inspiration to improve their photos. Our writers include some of the biggest names in the nature photography industry, and it has developed into a great platform to learn from.
I love writing and published a book in October 2013, On the Trail of Red Squirrels, which has proved very popular with lovers of wildlife. I have also published digital eBooks through the Nature TTL website.
I am always looking for more opportunities to work in the media industry. If you are looking for someone enthusiastic and hardworking to join your production, then I could be your man!
CV available on request.
For more information about my filming work, please take a look at this page.



  • "ZSL Animal Photography Prize" 2013, category "Size Matters", HIGHLY COMMENDED (Zoological Society London)


  • “RSPCA Young Photographer Awards” 2011, OVERALL WINNER (RSPCA)
  • “Young British Wildlife Photographer of the Year” 2009, OVERALL WINNER (BWPA)
  • "Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards" 2013, HIGHLY HONOURED (Nature's Best Photography)
  • “Young Outdoor Photographer of the Year” 2012, RUNNER UP (Outdoor Photography Magazine)
  • “RSPCA Young Photographer Awards” 2013, category "16-18", HIGHLY COMMENDED (RSPCA)
  • “Young British Wildlife Photographer of the Year” 2012, HIGHLY COMMENDED (BWPA)
  • “Young British Wildlife Photographer of the Year” 2010, HIGHLY COMMENDED (BWPA)

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