About Will

I am wildlife cameraman and canopy access specialist, currently living in Bristol, England.

Whilst perfectly capable of shooting with two feet on the ground as a traditional “long lenser,” I love to film at height in the treetops. I own and can rig a platform hide for filming, allowing me to experience a rare window into the lives of different species.

I am qualified for commercial drone work in both the UK and the USA.

Previous television credits include working for the BBC, Plimsoll Productions, and Silverback Films.

I have shot with a wide variety of different kit, including RED, Sony F55, and Phantom VEO cameras. I also enjoy using cable dollies and sliders for more dynamic and creative footage.

I am also the founder of the most popular nature photography resource online: Nature TTL. We cater to thousands of photographers each day and teach wildlife, landscape, and macro photography for free.

Full CV is available on request: will@willnicholls.co.uk