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I have always loved writing. When I was very young, I always wanted to be an author. Since then my aspirations have changed, but I have never stopped enjoying writing. Here you can see some of my publications - a list that will hopefully increase with time!




"On the Trail of Red Squirrels" book"On the Trail of Red Squirrels" book

On the Trail of Red Squirrels

Published: October 2013

Join me on a journey to find the elusive British red squirrel, documenting their secret lives with words and beautiful photographs.
With a foreword by BBC television presenter Steve Backshall, this hardback "coffee table" style book is filled with a large number of photographs. It is 30x24cm in size, printed on high quality paper, giving excellent reproduction of the images over 112 pages.
Tales from my experiences studying red squirrels are interwoven with factual information, giving an in-depth look at their lives.


So You Want to Be a Wildlife Photographer?

Published: February 2015

This eBook is an easy to read beginner's guide to wildlife photography. It is filled with tips and tricks that I wish I knew when I first started out on the path to becoming a wildlife photographer.