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Thomas Horsch(non-registered)
I am an advanced amateur photographer hoping to go pro "part-time" and looking for a website domain/host. Your site and work are great.
Mrs. Sasso(non-registered)
So beautiful. Your work is stunning!
I didn't know that frogs can be so colorful :)
Hi Will,
Just read your "The Problem with Giving Your Photos Away for Free" and I fully agree. If it is any consolation - as professional scientists we are even in a worse position - because we need to publish. Not only we are not paid by the publishers for our work but we do have to pay submission fees - this is in peer reviewed journals. If you don't want this to happen to photography, keep on doing what you do - it is completely right. People deserve to be paid for doing what they love and the society wants their product.
Judith Lightfoot(non-registered)
Have recently purchased 4 of your wonderful photographs and absolutely love them! The rabbit in the snow and your red squirrel studies are amazing!
Is it possible to be notified when you are adding to your collection?
Hannah Keyes(non-registered)
Beautiful photos of red squirrels! Your photography has been a big source of inspiration. Thanks & God bless.
Mary W.(non-registered)
Really, really, really amazing pictures. I can't imagine what it takes to make them. I can't say what exactly attracts me so much to your work but I can browse this website for hours.
Great photos. I hope you do more landscapes in the future.
Julie Gay(non-registered)
Hi Will,
I've just perchased your fab book about
Red Squirrels after spotting it in the Nat Trust shop in Seahouses when I was on holiday in Northumberland. The photos are amazing particularly as a few weeks before the holiday I'd visited Formby Point in Lancs and saw my first Red Squirrel (I actually saw 9!). I am now totally obsessed with them!
Hello . Beautiful well built website. I especially like the pictures of birds.
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