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The Tables Have Turned

June 03, 2013  •  4 Comments

Today I was at the hide in an attempt to photograph the cuckoo that had briefly taken up residence. Unfortunately there has been no luck on this front so far. They are extremely hard to photograph I have been told. Although I did get to hear its call all day and managed to record its vocalisations on my sound recorder - a nice backing track for some video work maybe.

Anyway, the red squirrel activity was much more entertaining. Originally thinking we had 2 squirrels at the woodland, I am pleased to say we now have 4! They all have their own personalities; some are quiet and some are very playful.

But soon things got rather strange... Who gave them a Nikon?!

Red Squirrel with CameraRed Squirrel with Camera


Robert Dutton(non-registered)
But I thought it was you who was taking such professional shots! The truth is out! What a great blog.

What an amazing image and an outstanding collection of photographs. I really enjoy your work. Your photography is awesomazing.

Happy shooting.

Fellow Photographer.
Courtenay Rogers(non-registered)
LOL!!! LOVE your work - fantastic images!!!
Jeannette Mulder(non-registered)
hahahaha ...... super awesome
She wants to be a photographer just like you ....
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