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"On the Trail of Red Squirrels"

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It is finally here! The wait for the books to come off the presses is over, and now "On the Trail of Red Squirrels" is available to buy.

To order your copy, please go to this page.


When I came up with the idea of this book, I wanted to provide a window into the lives of one on Britain's most elusive mammals. I am lucky enough to have a small population living near to my home; allowing me to spend thousands of hours photographing and studying them.

Throughout this publication there are tales from my experiences with them interwoven with factual information. I would almost guarantee that you will learn something new reading this; I certainly did!

There is also great news on the environmental front. The book is printed in Newcastle, meaning it only has to travel about 30 miles to reach me. The paper is also sourced from sustainable forests, which is something I am very happy about.

The book is 112 pages long, hardback, and 30x24cm in size. Thank you to my publisher, Wagtail Press, for their support in this venture. It is a "coffee-table" style book that you will, hopefully, be picking up again and again. This is an essential gift for any squirrel or animal lover! Treat yourself or a friend.


Some praises...

"It is beautiful, very high quality printing and paper. The photos are exceptional and the text is informative and interesting."

- Vivien Self

"I knew I'd love the photos but the text is great too - lively, accessible for the non-professional photographers and very interesting."

- Liz Thomas


On the Trail of Red Squirrels"On the Trail of Red Squirrels" book


Jumping Red SquirrelJumping Red Squirrel


Some images from the printing:



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